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Volume extraction error


I’m a new user for Sim scale CFD.

  • I’ve encountered an error while doing Volume extraction using the “inner volume method”. It is giving me an error as defined :

Blockquote: A closed region could not be created. Please make sure that there is an enclosing inner region and select a seed face that belongs to that region.

  • After uploading the geometry I saw sharp faces which can cause meshing error. So I tried to delete the sharp faces or merge it with the adjacent smooth ones. But it is not allowing.

Please advise on merging /deleting sharp faces before volume extraction.

Link for the project :

Hi @cvishwanadha!

Are you trying to delete that inside the workbench? That’s not possible (yet), what I advise you to do is to fix that directly in your CAD program and re-upload your model, that should fix the issue. @CFD-SQUAD, feel free to propose some other methosd here.



@jousefm ,

Thank you for your prompt and brief response. I did that and I have resolved the error. I appreciate your help.


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Hello @jousefm @Retsam,

I am trying to visualize the flow of air through the geometry. I made a bounding box i.e environment and provided inlet velocity and outlet pressure. While extracting the inner volume, this was the error encountered:


The seed face disappeared when combining the tool objects. Please select a seed face adjacent to the desired void region.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance.

There is no trace of your problem in unique simulation your refer to (Run 1). In simulation control, I suggest to set ‘Potential foam initialization’. Currently it is set off.

Take care,


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