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VIP Latrine Optimization Challenge – Import CAD, Meshing and Simulation Setup


Hi @dlynch,

Actually, I created my own project! Maybe I will copy the mentioned one and try!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @meghrajvaidya, please keep queries publics so all can benefit from the response.

The meshing workflow as pointed out has indeed changed slightly since the tutorial was created, however, the same underlying principles remain. The new steps for duplicating the mesh are as follows:

Duplicate the Simulation and change the Geometry in mesh select from the drop down, Copy mesh settings from and select one of the example meshes.

Then continue reassigning as instructed in the tutorial.

Kind regards,


Hello @1318980,

I am not able to assign the entities in the section below the Surface, layer and tubes refinements.

The link to the project is

Thank you in advance


Hi there @meghrajvaidya!

If you want to add additional refinements after the mesh has finished simply copy the mesh settings from an existing one or create a new one as depicted below.

Let us know if you have any further questions. Happy SimScaling!



Hello @1318980,
How can get access to Paraview?
Do I have to download Paraview??


Hi @meghrajvaidya!

You can either use the integrated Paraview plugin or use the offline version which you can download right here:




Hello @jousefm!
How can I use integrated Paraview plug-in??


Hi @meghrajvaidya!

We call this the post-processor or Solution Fields. Take a look at the attached picture to see how you can open the post-processor.




Hello @jousefm!
May I know when is the deadline of the challenge?


Hi @meghrajvaidya!

15th of February, 2019 the latest.

Cheers and good luck!



Hello @jousefm!
How can get air change rate (ACR) calculation from Solution Field?



There you go: VIP Latrine Optimization Challenge – Post-Processing Air Change Rate