'vcteb' simulation project by vishwa1826


I created a new simulation project called 'vcteb':


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Hi @vishwa1826!

Awesome CAD model you got there! Tagging my colleagues @PowerUsers_FEA here as well as @ahmedhussain18 & @rszoeke who might have a look at your model and tell why it won’t mesh. I assume that intersections in the geometry might be reason for that.




Hi @vishwa1826,

I just took a quick look at your project and I noticed the diagonal bounding box size is 0.14mm for your PCA. My guess is that the units did not convert correctly. If you can take a look at this it may help your meshing problem.

I am not sure of the purpose of your analysis but you may also want to look at simplifying your model. You have a lot of detail in the model and pins going through clearance holes that may not serve a purpose.

Let me know if this helps or you have any further questions,



Hi @cjquijano

Thanks for your time and suggestion.i corrected that and now my bounding box is in 0.13m. Still the meshing is not going through i just want to make a thermal mapping of capacitor and chips under some conditions.please help me.