'VAWA_Frequency' simulation project by Iria


I created a new simulation project called 'VAWA_Frequency':

Identifying the critical frequencies and Eigenmodes of the VAWA

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Hey @Iria,

I had a look at your project, as I noticed your first fluid flow projects with a similar geometry! I saw that you used a parametrized meshing here and that it first failed to mesh all faces (according to the solver log) but meanwhile me looking at it you managed to make it work! Can you tell me what you changed there. Did you simply adjust the min and max values in between?

I am looking forward to the simulation setup.

Best Alex


Hi @afischer,

no, I have just changed the mesh order from second to first. Apparently the problem was the second order of the mesh.




oh that is weird. I’ll make a copy and look closer into it then. This should of course not be the case.

Best Alex


Hey @Iria,

a small update. Obviously with this geometry there is a problem when creating 2nd order mesh refinements as it works without refinements and also as 1st order with refinements. I also managed to create a valid second order mesh with refinements locally so I hope we can solve the issue soon and provide you with an update.

Best Alex

P.S. nice looking results :wink:


Thank you very much @afischer!
It would be great if you provide me with the update. I need the results of the frequency analysis (the eigenfrequencies) for the harmonic analysis.
I have a lot of questions about the settings of the LOADS (boundary conditions) in the simulation of harmonic analysis. I want to consider as INPUT for the harmonic analysis all the loads applied during the simulation of the airflow around the wind turbine. But I don´t know exactly which are all the loads that I have to consider. Can you help me with this? I´m thinking on considering:

  • the centrifugal force
  • the atmospheric pressure
  • drag force
  • lift force
  • moment force
  • pressure force and moment ?
  • the porous and viscous force and moment are not so important to be considered ?
    It is right?
    Thank you very much @afischer! I hope you can help me with this!