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I created a new simulation project called 'Valve 3 iteration 2':

Optimization Water flow through valve

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Hello @kriscouvreur,

I see that you are trying to perform an internal flow analysis through a valve. Kindly note the following points.

  1. There seems to be a problem with the mesh, as some of the geometrical features are not exactly transformed in the mesh. It is recommended to use the semi-automatic mesh to generate refinements in the required places.

  2. The analysis type is defined as ‘Laminar’. There might be turbulence during the flow due to high inlet velocity values. Please have a check on the Reynolds number in order to get a stable solution.

  3. The following error message appears during the simulation run.
    Try to run the analysis on higher number of processors (16 or 32 cores).

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sam (@sjesu_rajendra)


Dear Mr Rajendra,
thank you for commenting on my optimization project. I am wondering how I can find the pressure drop across the valve given a certain mass flow. This way it is possible for me to compare different designs. I use Paraview as a postprocessor but have not yet identified the way to solve my problem. Thank you for your comment. Please excuse me if I make some obvious mistakes but at the time when I graduated as an engineer, in 1986, CFD was still not widespread available and until now, I never had the opportunity to learn it.
Kris Couvreur


Hi Kris Couvreur (@kriscouvreur),

The mass flow rate for the fluid can be defined during inlet boundary condition specification as follows.

In order to calculate the pressure drop you can save the pressure values along the inlet and outlet, at various steps of the simulation run. This can be done by using the Result control node on the sub-tree. Save the “Surface data” at various intervals, if required, to keep track of the pressure drop/changes.

The new post-processor of SimScale platform is adopted from ParaView. Hence you can obtain the result from the post-processor of the platform or also locally using ParaView.

I hope this helps! Please do not hesitate to contact us for further queries.

Best regards,
Sam (@sjesu_rajendra )


Hi @kriscouvreur,

nice valve simulations - did you manage to determine the pressure drop? Happy to help if you have any more questions.

On a related note, I noticed that you’re running very similar simulations within different projects? On your profile it seems, that different variants/designs of the valve are simulated in separate projects:

Is there a specific reason that you’re separating these simulations into different projects? If you would run all of them in the same project, you could simply duplicate mesh and simulation setup and reuse it for the new geometry. Would be a big time saver. The “upload” button is in the top left of the Mesh Creator tab, see either this post or this screenshot:

All the best,