'Valve 1 internal' simulation project by kriscouvreur


I created a new simulation project called 'Valve 1 internal':

Fluid flow through valve

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Hi @kriscouvreur,

nice valve project! I had a quick look - two things would need to be changed to get good results:

  • Your mesh is too coarse, this leads to these nasty cells at the bottom that do now reflect well the initial CAD geometry:

Bumping up the fineness 1 or 2 options should be enough to see a smoother mesh here.

  • 2nd, your boundary condition setup will not create a proper flow. So far, you only applied an inlet with inlet velocity zero, which basically means that the resulting flow field will be zero everywhere. Assuming this is an internal valve flow, you’d need to define inlet (velocity inlet boundary condition) and outlet (pressure outlet boundary condition). There are many example projects for valves, see https://www.simscale.com/projects/?search=valve

Hope that helps.