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Validations of valves


As you might have noticed, in the SimScale Project Library there are several simulations of valves (butterfly, ball, globe, gate, etc.) that can be imported for free into your workspace. Actually, below you can find links with some of them or you can just search through the library:

Water flow through a check valve
Water flow through a gate valve
Flow simulation of a butterfly valve
Flow simulation of a ball valve
Flow simulation of a regulator valve
Optimization of a globe valve
Thermostructural analysis of a steam stop valve
Stress analysis of a pressure relief valve (PRV)
Valve under internal pressure

We are interested in adding some validations as well, so if anyone here has worked on the topic, it would be interesting to see what you guys are doing and also find out how we could help you with your projects.

Looking forward to your answers!


Recording of the training webinar last week is online, showing the simulation setup of a butterfly valve:

More on valves: we have added a project to validate performance parameters of a butterfly valve in steady-state. Results are validated for different opening angles. Here is the link:

Flow Analysis of a Butterfly valve

Moreover, have a look at the validation document for details of the simulation and references:

Validation document: Flow Analysis of a Butterfly valve

Credit goes to @arafat_ist for such a great work!


Continuing with our focus on industry application of valves, we now have more valve simulations in our library.

The first is the simulation of a pneumatic Treadle valve used in air-brake systems in automobiles. The project can be found through this link.

The second is the simulation of complex arrangement of multiple valves in different opening positions. Here is the link for the project.

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