Using old workbench for tutorials


I am working on simulating flow over Ahmed Body using one of the tutorials ( Tutorial Hex-Dominant Parametric mesh). I am following the steps given in the tutorial but am stuck at surface feature refinement. Is there a way to use the old workbench since the tutorial steps are described based on old workbench?


Hi @mhatwar and sorry for the late response.

You could download the geometry and switch the button on the top (see picture below).


However we would recommend using the new workbench as the old one will successively vanish. We are also working on changing the tutorials for the new workbench accordingly so thanks a ton for your feedback :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any further questions. Happy SimScaling!


Hi @jousefm
Thanks for the reply.

I wanted to switch to old workbench because I have some issues with the one I am currently using. I am trying to use surface feature refinement but cannot select the face or solid. I think it is something very simple but I could not figure where I was going wrong. Can you please help me with it?
I am attaching the screenshot here.

Thank you

Hi @mhatwar!

Have you tried right-clicking on Operation 1 and Delete Results? That should do the job :slight_smile:



It worked. Thanks

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