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Using content on website

Quick question regarding using images/content we generate as users. Can we use images generated from the Workshops or Webinars we have done on our own websites? Do we need to credit Simscale for anything? I am working on building an online portfolio that hopefully will morph into a business and I want to use some of the Master Class projects as examples of my work for example the Wheel FEA project.

Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Hi Will (@wseppelt) ,

Since it’s your post-processing image, then yes, you are free to use it on your website. It would be nice if you can give credit to SimScale since the exercise was provided to you through our workshops series.

Thanks for reaching out to us and asking. All the best with the business endeavors!



Thanks and of course I will credit SimScale! I am really grateful for this platform. This will eventually allow me to get my own business up and running without it I couldn’t afford any FEA capability.