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Using centerline of symmetrical hollow object as constraint

Hi all,
I am very new to Simscale and evaluating it to see if it is an area of work I want to get into. That said, and reiterating that I am very much the novice, I am having a problem.

I have a part which is essentially a cylinder with some added complexities that are not important. I am trying to simulate static pressure for stress and for displacement. I do not see a way to select the centerline of the cylinder as a fixed support. I don’t want to select anything on the part as a fixed support because I think that will affect the stress, and, more importantly, displacement calculations.

Is there a simple solution to this? Again, simply pressure on the inside (and one of the edge faces) and looking for overall displacement and stress plot.

Hi @edcar27 and sorry for the delay in my response.

You could try fixing one node instead of a whole symmetry side of the component. If you share the project we can have a look at it and post some options here in the comment section. :+1:



Thanks much. I don’t know how to do a node. I was thinking about building a small piece that projected into the center of the bore and using that as the fixed face. Just shared with you. It was public, It is Piston 9-12

Got it @edcar27!

Could you please give us a bit of background of what this component is for? I mean it is called piston that’s clear but where do you want to use it and do you have data to compare simulation against those data. Curious about that :slight_smile:



Its a theoretical device that doesn’t exist. I am playing around with the software to see if I can even get it to work right. But the “piston” would move slightly back and forth inside a valve body. when in the direction towards the larger diameter end, it would be seated and nothing would flow through it. When in the direction towards the smaller end, it would be off of the seat, allowing fluid or gas flow.
No data available as this is all conceptual in nature at the moment.