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Use of Additional Mesh Primitives in External flow Hexamesh


I am totally not sure if this is feedback or more of a general question. :sweat:. I have been trying to familiarize myself with all the meshing options available. While using Hex-dominant automatic for external flow (only CFD), I realized you can add more primitives. However, they do not seem to have any use as far as I could tell. Perhaps I am wrong and there’s an application for them or maybe that’s still in the works. It would be cool if you could use these volumes to create regions with different refinements or perhaps use it to create a funky shape for your domain (mixing different boxes/cylinders could create a different external volume which might work better for an application). I am not sure if this is already in the works but I figured I would at least point it out.


Edit: I noticed that you can do the first idea by creating an Hexa Parametric Mesh and creating Region Refinements.

Hi @oscarcorripio,

great to see you getting along with SimScale.

You’re right, the automatic hex-dominant mesh operation does not take any additional primitives into account. In the parametric operation, you can change refinement levels based on it. The primitives so far are only used to describe refinement regions or initialize specific fields (e.g. for multiphase flows) for a simulation. The generation of an external volume mesh within SimScale so far works on a cartesian box, but not yet on other geometries. However you can always realize such shapes if you put it into the geometry before uploading. Have you already tries Onshape ( for pre-processing the geometry? Works like a charm in your browser and can be imported directly.



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