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Use Larger Machine Error


I got an error while simulating
“use a larger machine”
How to get rid of this problem?
Project Link:


Hi @rfatima!

Simply use more cores, in case you already used 16 and need more (which is often not necessary) maybe one of the @power_users can have a look at your issue.




@jousefm I am unable to use more core due to restrictions.



Your simulation is set to 4 cores at the moment. To use more cores, click on Simulation control and adjust the Number of processors.
If you try to run it with 16 cores and still need more memory, then try using a coarser mesh.



@Ricardopg Hey, It was previously set to 16 cores and i used the coarse mesh too but the error was there too. Same Error


You’re indeed using 16 cores to create your meshes. However, to run the simulation, you have been using only 4 cores: