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Upload geometry failing

Hello. As of about 30 minutes ago, all of my geometry upload attempts have failed. I’ve opened new projects, tried other extremely simple models, different file formats, and nothing is working. It gets to about 95% done and then the progress bar doesn’t go any further. Help!

Hi @dengerer,

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Hi, I am having the same problem. Old geometry uploads okay, new geometry is rejected @95%.

Hi @heshamzahw!

Can you upload the file somewhere and share the link with us please? Maybe the data format is incompatible with the platform.

Allowed formats are:

  • IGES (*.IGES / *.iges / *.IGS / *.igs)
  • STL (*.stl)
  • STEP (*.STEP / *.step / *.stp / *.STP)
  • assemblies in compressed archives (*.zip, *.tar.gz)
  • .sldprt SolidWorks part
  • .sldasm SolidWorks assembly (in compressed archive)
  • .ipt Autodesk Inventor part
  • .iam Autodesk Inventor assembly (in compressed archive)
  • .3dm Rhino part

If you have the choice, STEP is the preferred one since it’s superior in terms of the conversion process to IGES. The STL format can only be used for fluid mechanics analysis since only certain meshing algorithms on SimScale support it.

Hope that helps a bit! All the best!


Thank you, It’s uploading fine now. (I was exporting stl cm not m)