Ultra Sonic Testing Machine

Hi, I’m working on a project which is related to ultrasonic testing machine. What happens is that when we place the specimen inside the roller support during static loading , the specimen gets displaced. The thing is that we cannot add fixed supports instead of roller supports as it might result in high stresses.

I just wanted to ask if there is any type of support to hold the specimen solution by which neither the specimen would get displaced, nor we will have any stresses generated on the specimen.

I’ve attached the images for your reference.

Hi, just to clarify, are you trying to model this for simulation? Or is this question about the actual physical testing?

i need to model this for simulation.

I think you might use some form of a remote displacement boundary condition, not constraining the rotation.

Other option, which is more realistic, is to use a non-linear simulation with physical contacts.

ok please note that I’ve modeled a geometry where I’ve used rubber square clamp in between. The specimen is made up of carbon reinforced fiber and a static load will be applied at the top of the specimen. The magnitude of the static load will be around 3KN. The specimen is mounted between two roller supports which you can see at the bottom of specimen.

I want to run a simulation in which I want to show that when we apply a static load at top of the specimen, neither the specimen will get displaced from its position, nor high stresses will generate at bottom of the specimen which might damage the specimen.

Please can you help me out as to which type of simulation should I be running and how to run the simulation?

Your help will be highly appreciated.


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Hello alijalil,

please note that as of right now SimScale does not provide and support a carbon fiber material.
You can find out more about SimScale materials here:

I would run static non-linear analysis, with physical contacts. (Non-Lieare for the contact simulation)

In regards to your question, I just would make a Simple 3 point bending test. with two cylinders at the bottom and the test object at the top. This will require a non-linear analysis as you want to have a physical contact simulation between the cylinders and the test object. You can have the cylinders as fixed supports and the long sides of the test piece only able limited so that the piece doesn’t slide off the test support.

Of course, you could also just do a simple fixture of the test object where the contact would be.
That would be even simpler.
You can create the faces splits for this application within the edit in CAD Mode:

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ok i’ve used steel instead of carbon reinforced fiber. Attached is the link to my simulation setup. Please help me as to how should I complete the setup:


I suggest you to use one quarter of the geometry. With this approach, after applying the symmetry conditions (fixed value 0 on normal directions of cut planes), you are left with only the vertical degree of freedom. This can be solved with the physical contact or with an elastic support.

Also, i think that you should get rid of parts that are not interacting with the test specimen.