'Ulna Bone+implant' simulation project by gzini


I created a new simulation project called 'Ulna Bone+implant':

I'm trying to do a simulation of the stress in a Ulna bone with implant

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@gzini - great project! Very interested in seeing the results!
From which CAD software did you export the model?


Thanks you! This model comes from a remodellation of a bone model with SolidWorks.
The bone model were obtained with a recostruction in 3DSlicer and MeshMixer.

I have tried to use this nice free system to simulate. But i’m not realy good, and I don’t know how to start with a complex model like this… so I have done the simulation with SolidWorks. Is for a i in my university, and maybe I can find the time to improved me… If not, i can give you the model! If you want try is free! I can giveq you all the caracteristic!