'tv table' simulation project by mesfahani


I created a new simulation project called 'tv table':

heat simulation showing the airflow in a tv table, with only one hole for air outlet.

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This project has for aim, determining the best way to create airflow in a tv table, in order to let the heat generated by a device (sound amplifier) out of the table. the table has only one opening at the moment, which is a small hole on the behind. At its current state, the interior of the table gets very warm, and don’t seem to be able to free heat in any way.



The first iteration, was to simply show the current state, using the simulation.

As the image indicates, heat stays in and doesn’t go out from the hole, on the right of this image.


In this iteration, a hole has been introduced at the bottom of the table (bottom right of the image), with almost the same diameter as the existing hole behind the table. the following illustration shows how this enables better heat flow, without the use of a ventilator.


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