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Tutorial Outdated Geometry Format - Conjugate Heat Transfer with SimScale I Webinar

I’m 33 minutes into video Conjugate Heat Transfer with SimScale I Webinar and have been directed to do the associated tutorial. However when I open my copy I get error message “Outdated Geometry Format”

Please advise… specifically where to find the original geometry.

cheers, Ben

P.S. Perhaps reloading the geometry in the original tutorial would help subsequent users.

Hey Ben!

Thanks a lot for your message! Have you tried re-uploading the geometry and if so, did it work in your case?

Please let me know and I will make sure to exchange the geometry ASAP!



hi Jousef,

Thanks for you attention, but I’m a bit lost by your answer. I presume the original CAD file is needed to re-import, but I don’t have that. I copied a SimScale project that is part of an official SimScale presentation ( so I’m hoping SimScale have the original CAD file somewhere, or can extract it from the backend - so that I can then re-import that.

Cheers, Ben

Hi Ben,

What I meant is to download the model inside the workbench and then simply re-upload it. But I have done that, please check it here: - let me know if you can work with the project and also if you find any issues while setting up the simulation!

All the best!


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That loaded cleanly, thx Jousef. Sleep time now, so I’ll let you know tomorrow how it goes.

P.S. It may be good to also update the “Project Link” under the video in this tutorial…

Will do, thanks! :slight_smile: Keep us posted.