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Tutorial_Heat sink-Electronics cooling using CHT


Hello Simscale community,

I’m a newbie trying out simscale to see how i can simulate thermo-fluid behaviour within complex geometries. I started with the example ‘Tutorial_Heat sink-Electronics cooling using CHT’. There’s even a step-by-step guide here:

At Step 2 Mesh refinement: part (i) refine fluid region, I am unable to select the volume ‘Solid 0’. Have I misunderstood something?

Best, Bharath


Hi @sbharath!

Always share your project with us if you have problems with a specific setting. You can simply paste your project link as a comment and I will then have a look at the issue.




Hi @jousefm,

my bad. Here you go:



Hi @sbharath

You have to delete the results before you can add another refinement.