'Tutorial-02: Pipe junction flow' simulation project by ABrodie


I created a new simulation project called 'Tutorial-02: Pipe junction flow':

Tutorial project for a flow analysis of a pipe junction. The project only provides the geometry to start with. See our tutorials section to have a look at the step-by-step instructions to set up the simulation.

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Hi @ABrodie how is your experience with SimScale going so far? We noticed that you are having trouble with your simulation. Your simulation is taking so much time because you are trying to run a transient case with very long end time. You need to change the end time to more feasible length, here 2 to 3 seconds will be enough. You can change it from simulation control

Since transient cases take more time to complete so its good to use relatively coarse mesh in order to decrease the completion time.

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Have fun cheers :slight_smile: