'Turbulent flow through a cyclone separator' simulation project by dheiny


I created a new simulation project called 'Turbulent flow through a cyclone separator':

This is a small simulation project that investigates a single-phase flow through a cyclone separator.

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The picture below shows the hex-dominant mesh that was created with the snappyHexMesh operation utilizing layer adding, feature and surface refinement.

One can see clearly how the meshing procedure refines at the edges of the CAD file (feature refinement). The screenshot below highlights the hex layers that have been added at the walls. Those are just for demonstration purposes. One might refine them further as well as reduce their height near the wall. The overall mesh consists out of roughly 440.000 cells.


Dear dheiny,

i really would like to know how to create the negative of the cyclone geometrie or of any other geometry for a fluid simulation?
Hope you can help me. In addition: I would like to simulation the flow inside of a column. Thank you in advance.


@kherking - do you have a (positive) cyclone geometry to start with or are you starting from scratch? If you have the positive geometry, you’d need to extract the flow volume (there are a couple of CAD tools that are pretty good at this). If you start from scratch, then you’re basically free to choose any CAD software. Do you have access to a CAD software right now? If yes, which one?


actually i don’t have a CAD software; a colleague uses inventor to generate the geometrie. So i think i have the positive geometry of a coumn and whould like to simulate the flow inside. But therefore i need a filling before generating the mesh.
So it’s not possible to create a negative out of my column in simscale? Do you get my problem? Thx!


I understand. No, unfortunately you can not do yet the fluid volume extraction on SimScale. But you could give Onshape (www.onshape.com) a try, which is a web based 3D CAD system that you could use for this. It does not provide yet a dedicated feature for such volume extraction but if the cyclone 3D model is not too complicated, it might do the job. Can you upload the Cyclone model in a public simulation project or is it a confidential geometry? With having it public I could give a better hint on how to approach it.


Thanks for your assessment. Is it possible to make the project accessible only for you? Otherwise i will try it once again on my own.



yes you can also share it directly to an email address via the “Invite to project” option of the “Share” button. There you can type in directly a dedicated email address, where the recipient will receive a copy of your project, but nobody else can see it.


Hello there, I’m a Chemical Engineering student and I’ve been studying separation process that involves fluid and solid particles in the same stream. Is it possible to simulate the same cyclone separation considering also a discrete phase ( solid particles)?
Thank you!


Hi @vviena,

yes it is! Check out these projects: