'Turbulent airflow around a motorbike' simulation project by dheiny


I created a new simulation project called 'Turbulent airflow around a motorbike':

This project shows how to simulate the airflow around a motorbike.

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The meshing of the air domain around the motorbike has entirely been done on the SimScale platform. The case itself is close to the original tutorial provided by OpenFOAM. The motorbike shape was uploaded as an STL and the snappyHexMesh operation has been used to construct the hex-dominantly meshed domain around the STL file which is shown in the image below.

The resulting mesh consists of around 1.3 million cells with 1.1 million cells being hexahedra. The mesh was generated on four cores and took around 10 minutes. For a detailed analysis one could use more cells and add a refined boundary layer to the bike surface.

For the actual analysis setup, I chose a steady-state, turbulent, incompressible modeling strategy using a k-omega-SST turbulence model. After assigning the previously generated mesh, I added initial and boundary conditions and started the simulation run on a 4-core machine. Afterwards I downloaded the results and post-processed them locally on my desktop.