'Tubeless tyre' simulation project by Lmartin


I created a new simulation project called 'Tubeless tyre':

A military tubeless tyre

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Hi @Lmartin,

It’s a nice tire model. I think you are trying to implement its deformation analysis under the weight of the vehicle, which is in that case possibly similar to my project. I would, however, recommend you some changes, to make your simulation easier to implement.

(1) Simplify the Geometry

  • Use 1/4th symmetry of the model. In this way you will be able bring down the total number of nodes, while obtaining the same results as of a full model, hence saving computing time.
  • Eliminate the holes on the rim (golden area) and make it completely plain, so that the mesh is uniform.
  • Split the tire’s rubber portion into two parts. E.g. lower 1/4th and upper 3/4th.

(2) Meshing

  • The base would be rigid and fixed (no DOFs), so make the mesh as coarse as possible. Since the information on its nodes (stress, displacement etc) is zero for any given time, so you don’t want the solver to go through so many nodes every time-step.
  • If you split the tire, the lower 1/4th portion should have a finer mesh as compared to the upper 3/4th portion. It’s because most of the deformation takes place near the base, so we need more number of nodes for an accurate solution.

(3) Simulation

  • Use Static Analysis - Advanced type, and Nonlinear Analysis set as True. To apply the weight of the vehicle you need a force in -Y direction. It’s not available in the simple Static Analysis. Applying pressure inside the axle won’t be a correct approach.
  • In the Advanced type, the loading is not ramped automatically, which leads to solution instability. You can simply apply define it via function. E.g. 100 N load in downwards direction would simply be like this:

    -100*t [-100 N: Force Downwards, t: time value from 0 to 1]

You may view and follow the steps of my simulation:


Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you, after long time out of here, I’ll try to come back.