'try it 2' simulation project by jWalsh


I created a new simulation project called 'try it 2':

getting data

More of my public projects can be found here.


Hi @jWalsh - do you need any help with uploading a CAD model?


I tried to import a model from Onshape but never was able to succeed.
Created a project
Opened the project
Selected import from Onshape
New window opened at Dashboard
Selected the project
Import option not available in this window

I verified that Onshape id and SimScale Id’s match and also changed SimScale password to match my Onshape password — no change



Just to make sure I understand - you mean that this import selection was not possible?


that is correct


indeed the window that you showed with alist of models never appeared - went to SimScale dashboard instead


Hmmm, that’s very odd, might be a syncing issue on our end. Could you try one more time to verify since it’s been a couple of weeks?


not sure when I can get to it but I will try again