'try again cylinder' simulation project by suya


I created a new simulation project called 'try again cylinder':


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Hi @suya,

do you need help regarding the upload of your CAD model or your simulation setup?




Hi jousefm, I have successfully uploaded my CAD model. But now I meet a new problem.
My aim was to simulate a cylindrial plate, as I show in my project. And then first give it high pressure at 6 GPa, which I have set in the boundary condition. And the next step I need the sample rotate different turns (,constant rate, one turn for one minute) under this stable pressure in order to see the stress distribution in every place of the sample. But now I do not know how to set …could you give me a favor…thanks.


Hi mate,

your model looks good. Good job!

Do you want the pressure to be applied simulateously with the rotation of the upper face? Or first apply pressure and at the end rotate the upper face? Just to be at one with you.




Thanks for your quick reply.

First , give the pressure at the upper face of the sample.

And then keep the pressure of 6 GPa at the upper surface, at the same time, give force to rotate the whole sample from the lower surface.




Hi @suya,

sorry for the delayed reponse. Here is your project: Cylinder with Rotation

@ahmedhussain18 helped me with this one and made some optimizations so props to him :wink:

If you need help or struggle to understand something in the setup, let us know!




Hi @jousefm, I carefully scan the process, it is accurate in Run 1.
But I am still not clear about the convergence plot.
From it, I can not get the strain and stress of each point of the cylinder.
And what is the meaning of the step count?


Hi @suya,

the step counts were set in the Simulation Designer (see picture below).

The Stresses and Strains can be visualized in the Post-Processor.

v.Mises Stress


Was that what you were looking for? Please let me know!




yes, exactly.
and … how to make the relevant scale bar shown in the same page ?


Hi again @suya,

you mean the Colorbar I guess. Simply click the button left to the Field output variables (see picture).

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: