'Truss bridge eigenfrequency analysis' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Truss bridge eigenfrequency analysis':

This project shows the frequency analysis of the truss bridge for first 20 eigenmodes.

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Truss bridges normally serve as automotive or train bridges due to their good strength and durability. Whereas, to check the durability of such a bridge, one has to consider its natural frequencies on which it may vibrate without any external load. In this project a truss bridge is simulated for it’s first 20 eigenmodes. The geometry was created on Onshape and than uploaded to SimScale platform. The geometry is shown in figure below.

It is than meshed using fully automatic tetrahedralization tool on the platform. The resulting mesh is shown in the figure below.

The figures below shows the deformation of the truss bridge at eigenmode 4 and 13 respectively.

Finally the graph below shows the eigenfrequencies with respect to the eigenmodes.

Finally, the figure below shows the animation of the final result.