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Trouble with simulating stress on rotating structure

First I want to apologize for the probably silly question, but I am completely new to SimScale and to FEA as a whole.
I am making a space settlement project for school and I want to test the stress on the settlement model created by the centrifugal force.
There were all kinds of problems:
The 2 parts had to be connected.
Bug with the meshing.
2 Warnings that I still can’t resolve.
Link to the project:
All kinds of help will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

Hi @Dobrito!

First of all no worries about the questions you ask - that’s what the forum is for. The @PowerUsers_FEA and I will have a look at your setup and let you know what the issue might be.

All the best!


Hello @Dobrito,

I see two issues with your simulations.

First, the two bodies have overlapping geometry, the star shaped body penetrates into the circular body. In your cad package you trim these parts so they touch but do not overlap. The end of each point should be trimmed to match the curvature of the circular part (one option).

For the type of analysis I think you want to perform a static analysis not a dynamic analysis. In a static analysis you can create a centrifugal load by providing an axis of rotation and a rotational velocity.

Please let me know if this helps or if you need any further assistance.

Good Luck!


Thank you both. I will try to trim the structure and to perform a static test tonight.