'Trial' simulation project by Fosk


I created a new simulation project called 'Trial':


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Hi @Fosk, I believe my colleague @ahmedhussain18 will be happy to help you with the simulations!


Hey @Fosk!

It seems like you are trying to simulate a snapping of a sphere in to your lock. In your geometry, sphere is missing. The sphere geometric primitive is only for fluid and particle analysis. You have to create a sphere over your geometry in order to simulate it. Secondly, you don’t need to perform a dynamic analysis for this case, just switch to static analysis - advanced and setup the simulation. You can also take only half of your model due to symmetry.

This project may help you to setup your case: Consumer snap-fit analysis

I hope this helps. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask.



Hi @sijia, hi @ahmedhussain18,
thanks for the kind support!

I got your point. :+1:
I uploaded a wedge geometry first, the sphere was a plan B; I’ll try again and cut it half as you suggested.

Do you mind if I ask you some more questions later or in the next days? I need time to check your link and try some things.

Thanks again,
best regards.



Sure Andrea! feel free to ask.



Here I am again…
An engineer (not a simulation expert) is helping me.
We tried a new simulation following your example’s settings, but it came out that “The solution matrix is singular”. We fixed it, the simulation ran correctly but we don’t understand results: it seems like the part we wanted to test is not set properly.

Could you help us?
Below you can find the behavior we’re trying to simulate.

Thanks in advance for your support!

I hope to hear from you soon,
best regards.



Hey Andrea (@Fosk)!

Glad that you managed to have a geometry where you can now work on further. Looking at your geometry and simulation setup, I have certain suggestions which will help you get the right results at the end:

  1. You have intersecting solids at one end (please see figure below). You may need some geometry modifications here. Furthermore, I would suggest you to also create some reasonable fillets on the master faces. Since sharp edges normally lead to non-resolution of contact and hence to a diverged solution. Also try to also refine mesh a bit on these contact surfaces by using rather Tetrahedral mesh with local refinements. Please see our documentation for more info.: [Tetrahedral with local refinements] (https://www.simscale.com/docs/content/preprocessing/meshing/TetrahedralWithLocalRefinements.html)

  2. Your simulation setup overall looks perfectly fine. The only problem is that you have constrained both of your volumes rather than faces. Please apply the constraint boundary condition as shown in figure below. You can do so by changing the Filter for entity types under Topological Mapping to faces, select the desired faces from the viewer and click Add selection from viewer to add the selected faces.

    (make sure you are in Pick faces mode before the selection , otherwise you would not be able to select the faces.)

  3. Your displacement seems to be higher then expected. Please reduce it to make sure your volume is not penetrating in to the other. Please see the displaced results of your completed simulation below as a reference.

Hope this helps. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask. Also if you need much urgent help with lots of other possibilities, feel free to create a new topic on our forum project support page to get instant help from our other SimScale users :wink:



Thanks a lot! Your support is precious :wink:
I’ll retry as soon as possible,


Hi @ahmedhussain18!

After some trial and error, I finally managed to get the simulation done entirely: it seems to have worked, and for sure some credit goes to you! :wink:

Could you help us understand the results?
We need to know the amount of stress at wings bases and the displacement of wings tips.

Thanks in advance!


Hello Andrea!

Awesome that you finally managed to complete your simulation. There are certain things you can do to improve your results:

  1. You can define some more refinements on your fillets in order to capture them well. Right now your fillets on blue are more like chamfers. Also consider refining bit flat surfaces on light blue solid. Please see the figure below for more details.

  2. Your results look pretty good though. Below you can see them. I have used WarpByVector filter to see the deformed state. You can also use Reflect filter in order to mirror the model to see the full shape.

  3. You still have some penetration of two contacting surfaces, specially on those fillets where the refinement is low making them chamfers. After the refinement, you can also try increasing the penalty stiffness 10 times to see the difference. Please see the figure below.

Hope this helps. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask.