'Traction Engine Crankshaft' simulation project by srbharrison


I created a new simulation project called 'Traction Engine Crankshaft':

Testing a crankshaft designed in the 1930's

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@srbharrison - interesting CAD model, looking forward to seeing the FEA sim of it. Your CAD model only contains faces, no volume bodies (“solids”). You can see this in the Geometry Event Log after uploading:

The volume mesher will not be able to mesh this as the volume information is missing. In the case of IGES that happens quite often, which is why I’d recommend using STEP for uploading. With a STEP model I’d expect the meshing and sim to go smooth. What CAD software do you use?


I am using Onshape to build a 2"/foot model Traction Engine from plans drawn by hand in the 1920/30’s. I tried coming through Onshape but obviously got lead astray. I have attempted to download from within Simscale but was told I could not access server ?onshapepull. Since this is my first exploration after your Onshape/Simscale video, I wonder if you could point me towards some simple instructions.
Thank you.


Hello @srbharrison,

So it sounds like you tried importing the model from within Simscale using the Onshape App connector. On overview of using the App connector can be found at the link below.

If this is not working for you the other way to get cad from Onshape is to download it and then import it into Simscale.

If you want to simulate a part, go to the part studio and in the lower left of the screen right click on the part name and click Export. In the Export options box make sure you pick STEP and under options you choose Download. If you are downloading an assembly, right click on the assembly tab at the bottom of the screen and choose STEP and Download.

Once this is done, go to Simscale and create a new project. In the popup box you can drag and drop the STEP file you downloaded.

The only other thing is to check within Onshape to make sure you actually do have a solid part.

Please let us know how it goes.