Torque Boundary Condition

I am unable to define Torque for a given model.

Hi @vjoshi95!

What you can do is to apply a remote force with a corresponding remote point to apply your torque. The calculation is straightforward and an example can be found in Ben’s project (@BenLewis) : 'Allen Key' simulation project by BenLewis - #2 by BenLewis.

Some information on that boundary condition:

  • When the deformation behavior is set to deformable, the application of the remote displacement boundary condition doesn’t add any stiffness to the associated entity, while with the selction undeformable the entity is sets to be rigid.

  • There are also some limitations, mainly the fact that this is a linear boundary condition and valid only if small displacements and rotations occur in the area of the applied entity and the remote point itself.

The rest of the description can be found in our documentation: Remote Force BC

Let us know how things go & happy SimScaling!