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Topological entity sets & Face sets

Hi All,

I’have been off the platform for a couple of months and back now to model some products.

However during meshing i ran into a problem. Maybe the platform has changed or maybe its a bug i don’t know.

If i create a “face set” it appears in the “Topological entity sets” however when i want to select that set in the Surface Mesh Refinement it does not show up under “face sets”

Futhermore it seems like the button add face has been removed?

Any ideas what i’m doing wrong? I’m on a macbook pro9.2, chrome Versie 55.0.2883.95 (64-bit)
and running El Capitain 10.11.6

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Found it!

It appears i was a little rusty!

I already created a mesh and was trying to selected faces from the mesh instead of the model!
Deleted old results and voila!


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Hello @STR,

thanks for sharing your issue and the solution! As you mentioned you can make it work by removing the result (mesh) and working on the original geometry again. I am aware of the fact that this can lead to unexpected behavior. It is not very intuitive why you can pick in the viewer but not assign it. As we are aware of the fact, there is a plan to improve this work flow quite a bit. We are trying to address this in the first half of next year.

Nice to see you around again and best regards,


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Hi Alex,

Good to hear that! Indeed refining the workflow there can certainly help.
Glad i could help address this issue.

All the best! and btw thanks for the Postal card!