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Topological Entity set

Hi Everyone i want to ask how can i freely chose a surface of an object within an enclosure. After putting an enclosure it seems i cant click the surface i want.Please Help

Hello Garciarian2,

Within the simscale HUD, you are able to change the type of view to be wire frame, shaded, shaded wireframe, ect. This is all at the top, along with being able to select a volume or a face or a drag select tool.

If you are unable to select the interior face bounded by other faces I would suggest to Right Mouse Button click and then hide the exterior faces until you can select the face you want. You might have to hide several faces to find an interior face. Let me know what you think.


Thank you for your reply sir,ill do that

Sir Jake,is it okay to assigned a surface to topological entity set first before doing an enclosure?


If you assign surfaces before doing an enclosure for the flow volume you will have to assign them again. That is because when the enclosure is simulated all new faces and volumes are generated, any old assignments to faces I don’t think will be there.