'Top Ventilation' simulation project by ajruiz


I created a new simulation project called 'Top Ventilation':

Understand the flowing of air in a projector case.

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@ajruiz - looks like you’re planning on running a flow simulation inside this box, is that right? What are you trying to find out? Heat transfer? Depending on what exactly you’d like to analyze, the first step might be to upload not a model of the enclosure but rather of the actual flow volume (sort of the negative part of it) https://docs.simscale.com/docs/content/preprocessing/geometry/cad-preparation.html#fluid-volume-extraction


Hey there! Yeah, I’m trying to analyze the flow of the air coming from a vent, wheter it goes out of the model or goes in. So, I should create a solid between the shell and my system right? Thanks !


Ah, so the vent will be outside of this casing/enclosure? So the simulation will be the easiest when you have a solid model of the actual air domain. E.g. check out this project of mine: https://www.simscale.com/projects/dheiny/muffler_cfd_test

The objective was to simulate how the flow passes a muffler, so the muffler model actually looks like this:

What I uploaded for the flow simulation looks like this:

Where the “sphere” around the muffler exit is the “surrounding” in which the airflow exits to ultimately get such a flow sim:

Does that make sense?