'Thermo-structural Analysis of Spherical Pressure Vessel ' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Thermo-structural Analysis of Spherical Pressure Vessel':

In this project a transient thermo-structural analysis of a spherical pressure vessel is demonstrated.

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For detailed study please go to Design analysis of a spherical pressure vessel documentation.

In this project the functionality of the transient thermo-structural solver on SimScale platform was validated. Due to symmetry, the geometry used was 1/8th portion of a spherical pressure vessel and is shown in the figure below.

Linear tetrahedral mesh was considered and was created using parametrized tetrahedralization on SimScale platform. The mesh is shown in figure below.

Transient thermostructural analysis was performed since the change of internal temperature and pressure were considered over time. Stainless steel was considered as a material for vessel. Due to non availability of conductivity values of stainless steel, two simulations were performed with a conductivity values of 20 W/(m K) and 22 W/(m K).

The internal pressure and temperature were applied according to the formulation P = (0.2e6).t and T = (40.t) + 300, where ‘t’ is time from 0 to 5 seconds. The outer convection was considered constant over time with a value of 90 W/(m² K) and reference temperature of 300 K. Figures below shows the displacement, temperature and von Mises stress contour plots of the vessel at final step.

The results comparison in the figure below shows the robustness of the thermo-structural solving capabilities of the SimScale platform.