'Thermo-structural Analysis of a Pressure Vessel' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Thermo-structural Analysis of a Pressure Vessel':

This project shows the thermo-structural analysis of a pressure vessel with temperature-dependent material properties.

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Pressure vessels are normally used for storing high pressure liquid or gas. In this simulation, a copper pressure vessel was considered with a steel coating inside containing the hot water having temperature of 593 K (290 °C) which was cooled down by cold water at 293 K (25 °C). The geometry of the pressure vessel was created on Onshape and then imported to SimScale platform. The geometry was meshed using fully automatic tetrahedralization on the SimScale platform. The geometry and mesh are shown in the figures below.

For the analysis transient thermostructural was selected since temperature is changed over time. Copper was selected as the vessel material whereas steel was selected for the inner coating. The material table was uploaded which containing the material parameters at different temperatures. The vessel has two pipes; upper pipe for cold water inlet and lower pipe for hot water outlet. Imaginary valves were considered between pipes and vessel and the are considered having adiabatic boundary condition. The heat flux convection were defined on the inner steel surface due to water and outer copper surface due to air. The simulation was ran for 2040 seconds (34 minutes). After 60 seconds (1 minute) the upper pipe valve was opened, whereas after 120 seconds (2 minutes) the lower pipe valve was than opened for outlet of warm water. The result below shows the temperature, heat flux and stresses in pipes and vessel at 2020 seconds (33.75 minutes).