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The specified maximum runtime of the job was exceeded


Hi, I have a problem when meshing one scenario. The case is a very big mesh with around 100M nodes.
The problem appears when during the meshing process I get the following message:

The specified maximum runtime of the job was exceeded. The simulation run was stopped and potential intermediate results were restored. You can increase the maximum runtime in the simulation control section to enable a complete simulation run.

I am not even simulating it, I am just creating the mesh., so changing the maximum runtime of the simulation will also affect the runtime of the meshing? The mesh is in “2 Cars_4L”



Hi @aguerrero and sorry for the late response!

That’s a damn huge mesh :smiley: Is there a way to reduce the number of nodes in a first run? I am also sure that you will run into trouble when you want to simulate it as 16 cores might not be enough.

If you set up your mesh, you can share it with the @CFD-SQUAD and myself and we will run the mesh for you.




I have reduced the mesh size and therefore the number of nodes:

If you could run the mesh for me, that would make a huge difference.


I assume you talk about the mesh from “2 cars_4L”, right? :slight_smile:

Can give it a spin! Cheers,



Actually, what I sent you was a modified copy from my other account that didn’t work either. The mesh I intend to simulate is found here:

If you could please make me that favour, that would make a huge difference in my project.


Trying my best :slight_smile: Getting back to you as soon as the mesh has been finished!

Cheers and stay fit & healthy!



Okay, thank you very much for the effort Jousef.

Cheers and take care of yourself and yours.



Hi Alex!

Finished the mesh but this is way too big (100 million cells), is there a way you can do a coarser setup? I am willing to run the meshes for you to save you some CHs.




Hi Jousef!

Thanks for the job, I appreciate it so much. The thing is that I tried to make a coarser setup but then the mesher fails and asks me to increase the refinement levels, that is why the mesh is so big. Feel free to grab the mesh and modify it if you can make it coarser. Is there a way you could send me the mesh you created to simulate it? As I am running out of CHs.



Invited you just now. Feel free to check the mesh and try to rum a sim on it.

Keep me posted.