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The Seed face touches at least two different potential flow volumes

  • I’m trying to simulate airflow into a volume with two inlets. To this end, I’m trying to create an Open Inner Region in my geometry

  • When I pick both boundary faces and one seed face (because I can’t pick one adjacent to both boundary faces) I get the following error

    The Seed face face290@Air Volume^Vtol touches at least two different potential flow volumes. Please select a Seed face that is unique to the desired void region.

Here’s a screenshot:

Solved it, there were holes in my geometry. Better error-reporting would definitely have made that easier to debug. The message made it sound to me like there was something wrong with my two boundary faces (since it complained about two different potential flow volumes)

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Hey there,

I’m glad you were able to solve the issue by yourself!

Also, thanks for the feedback on the error messages, we will take it into account!