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Tet meshing for external flow

I’m wondering if anyone has tried using tetrahedral meshing for external flow? When I was doing hex meshing experiments I poked at it. I found this one post that indicated layer generation is easier.

In CAD I created a solid volume around my part and then did a boolean to remove the overlapping solids. From there I was able to generate a good tet mesh of the volume, but BL generation always failed. Surface definition is really smooth though. Project here.

@jhartung: project link kick me off. I end in my Dashboard… @1318980 alias Darren did it in the past, let’s see what he says.

Hi @jhartung, don’t seem to have access, is it public?


It is… @jousefm was doing some work on my account. Maybe it affected visibility of projects? Here’s the link in entirety:

Did you set it to private @jhartung? :thinking:

Doh! Yes I did… didn’t realize that was possible.

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Ah, but I forgot you were ungraded for now…

I’m an Academic user now. Maybe a bug? It let me create it without a description which apparently defaulted to private. I do see the “upgrade your plan” next to it, but it lets me toggle.

No that’s absolutely legit in your case as we agreed on increasing your computational power available. Also you are a “potential” PowerUser or PowerUser in the making :wink: You help us along with Dale to dig deeper into issues like these which can hopefully be channelled in the end :slight_smile:



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Sorry I haven’t channeled much, inventors just need to get on with the next thing :wink: or learn more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Bump. Anyone work with tet mesh?

I did last year and gave up, I will look for my notes…

Hi @jhartung,

The current tet mesh algo does not work for any flow (internal/external) as far as I am aware. To use it, you will need to mesh using a tet-mesher not on SimScale (3rd party meshers) and then import that mesh onto simscale.



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Hi @Get_Barried, it seems to work for internal flow at least (allegedly):

Hi @jhartung @Get_Barried, I have just spoken with someone on the meshing team, it is possible to use the tet mesh for CFD, however, likely the quality will not be sufficient for CFD and most of the time fails/diverges early if it starts at all. We are working on a new mesher that is tetrahedral and hex-core, these will be good enough for both CFD and FEA, and I have tested it to be very robust for layer inflation and very fast. I would recommend not investing time in getting the current tet mesher to work for your application, and wait for the release of the new one, whilst proceeding with your SHM efforts in the meantime.