'Test001' simulation project by NeilCooke


I created a new simulation project called 'Test001':

It's just a test

More of my public projects can be found here.


Hi Neil,

Hope you are having fun with SimScale. While going through your project I noticed that may be you are having trouble with meshing your geometry so here is a quick set up for your problem which ,I believe, might help you .
First you do not need to mesh the boundary material, for internal valve flow, the internal cavity should be meshed. I simplified your geometry a bit and then meshed the internal geometry.

this is the cross section of mesh

Mesh is one of the most important part of any simulation, once the mesh is ready, the other simulation variables can be set according to the problem. I use simple incompressible flow set up for this project and here are some quick results.

Velocity profile

Pressure profile

And velocity streamline inside the valve

Hope this will help you in your project. If you need any further assistence, we will be happy to help. Cheers


Hi @aali @NeilCooke ,
Nice work @aali ! I think this will be really helpful for @NeilCooke and will get him started .
Also @aali could you post a New Public Link of your finished project here so that NeilCooke can import it also.



here is the link of the project