'Test_TSC-03E' simulation project by L3br4nd


I created a new simulation project called 'Test_TSC-03E':

CFD-Simulation of 2016s Formula Student Racecar of Team Starcraft e.V., the Formula Student Electric Team TU Ilmenau.

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Hi, @L3br4nd Hice project,

Seems like you are are having trouble in meshing your geometry. There are a couple of things I would like to mention here. First the material point tells the algorithm which part of the domain to mesh. Think about meshing starts from this point and continues in whole domain(_BaseMeshBox) until boundary is reached. For external flows, this point is any point inside the domain(_BaseMeshBox) but outside the model geometry.In your case you defined material point way outside the domain.

Try to keep it inside the domain. Also you need to simplify your geometry a bit. Right now you have holes in your geometry and from these holes the inside of the car will also be meshed. Since boundary is missing here so algorithm won’t stop and will keep on meshing the inside.

Just inspect the geometry and remove such discontinues. One final remark, you do not need to upload half geometry since defining half bounding box will automatically cut the other half which lies outside the domain. For reference we made a mesh using your geometry which you can find here. For the demonstration purposes we kept the holes outside the domain(you should close them for better analysis) and mesh is pretty good.

I hope you now have the idea of how to mesh your geometry. Start by simple mesh operation with moderate mesh refinements and then, if required, add more refinements. If you need any further help regarding your projects, feel free to ask. Have fun

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your help!
I thought in mm (again) when I placed the Material Point. It would be nice if there were a little reminder that all lenghts are in meters everywhere and maybe a check and a warning for the user when the Material Point is on the outside of all geometries.
Thank you very much for your work on meshing the model it looks indeed very nice :slight_smile:
P.S. I only uploaded half a model because I only simplified half of it :wink:


We value your feedback and suggestions. Keep on Simulating

Cheers :slight_smile: