TEST for meshing winglet

Have some problems with my project, i want to make a boundary layer but have some issues with my geometry. Cant split and scale at the same time… is there a way to do this without make new stl files.

But how to analyse the y plus value? is this the right way to do it?


Hi @jan2re!

Tagging @Anware, @Get_Barried & @vgon_alves here - maybe they can help you out!



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Hi @jan2re!

You can use the scaling option and the split option both in the Mesh Creator tab. The way you analyze the y+ value is correct to see if you are using a valid turbulent setup.

If you share the project with us we can have a closer look at it and help you out - I saw that you have two projects on your Dashboard so please share the right one in the comments so we may continue with the scaling and splitting part.