'Test 1' simulation project by nil7


I created a new simulation project called 'Test 1':

Testing uploading a random simple stl, created using solvespace. Had to export 1:1000 to get as mm.

More of my public projects can be found here.


Hey @nil7,

I had a look at your project. I think you tried to start a tetrahedralization meshing algorithm on your geometry right? Probably you get the following message telling you that this is not possible:

Actually to create a volume mesh that can be used with all analysis types you need to export your geometry as a one of those rich data formats (e.g. the most common: step-format).

Depending in what kind of analysis you are interested in, your next steps should be:

  • Solid mechanics or thermal simulation: Export your geometry as step or iges from your CAD-tool
  • Fluid dynamics: Use one of the automatic snappyHexMesh algorithms to create a valid mesh for CFD-simulations (depending on if you want to do an internal flow through the geometry or an external flow around the geometry)

If you need support at any of those steps, I am happy to help you!

Best Alex