'tensile piece' simulation project by sgreco


I created a new simulation project called 'tensile piece':

small pin joint supported tensile test piece

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Hi @sgreco!

Do you need help with the Meshing/Simulation?

Anything you were struggling with when working with the platform?




Hi Jousef,

The platform is very user-friendly. I’m not satisfied with my simulation but merely because of my own lack of knowledge: I’m trying to calculate the stresses in a tensile test piece supported between two pins, but I cannot find boundary conditions that would represent the test piece’s loading conditions. The stress concentration in my simulation run’s results seems to be conditioned by badly selected boundary conditions.
Thanks for your help.

Sebastian Greco


Interesting application @sgreco.

Would you like to simulate a parabolic force/pressure in the pins acting on the component in opposite directions? Or simply fix one and pull the other side?

Let me know what you want to achieve. I am sure we can find a solution on that one!

All the best!



I’d like to represent solicitation through rigid pins pulling the piece apart. For this I’d like to try pressure varying along different positions of half of the internal surface of the hole, as per a sine function, can this be done? Also, I think it would be more convenient to consider only half of the geometry, cutting the piece along the neck and fixing the cut surface. For this would it be necessary to upload only half of the geometry or can this be specified in the meshing? Thanks for your guidance.



Hi @sgreco,

this is of course possible and as you mentioned it is a good idea to make use of symmetries. What you can do is to upload your geometry to OnShape and cut the geometry and then reupload it with the OnShape interface here on SimScale. We may then proceed with the simulation process.