'Ten receivers' simulation project by kgawlik


I created a new simulation project called 'Ten receivers':

Ten receivers, simulating two modules.

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Hi @kgawlik!

What is the project all about? Looks very nice and I would love to know more about the applications for this device.




Hello Jousef,

Thanks for your interest! This is a solar energy application. I am modeling the pipe at the focal line of parabolic trough collectors used in concentrating solar power.

The pipe is being heated by concentrated solar radiation. The pipe is supported fairly rigidly at the middle point. The other supports along the long pipe allow the pipe to grow with thermal expansion while keeping the pipe fixed side-to-side to keep the pipe in the focal line. The pipe can get distorted when the solar flux is not well distributed around the pipe.

I am modeling the amount the pipe becomes displaced as well as the thermal stress levels. In this simulation, the maximum stress is close to the yield point of the stainless steel, so the pipe could become permanently damaged. I will explore other ways to heat the pipe to avoid damaging it.



Hi Keith (@kgawlik)!

That sounds great - thanks for the information! Are you documenting your case somewhere or write a small paper-like documentation? Would be great to use that for our Project Spotlight. If you have some experimental data or other reference values would be great! :+1:

Thanks a lot and all the best!