'Swerve Simulation' simulation project by henry_ocallagha


I created a new simulation project called 'Swerve Simulation':

Simulation for an experimental Drivetrain

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Hi @henry_ocallagha, do you need any help with fixing the simulation error? I will be glad to help!


@henry_ocallagha - this looks like a cool setup. Just a few things to help you out. First, you have uploaded a model with 40 solids. For each solid to be connected to the adjacent parts, you would need to set up a contact (that’s a lot of contacts and would be quite tedious!) So I’ll recommend that you fuse the non-moving solids into one body which can easily be done with a boolean operation in your CAD tool.

Next, I will also recommend using a ‘Static Advanced’ analysis. It there rotational movement being modeled here?


Thank you for helping me! I’m still learning to use the software, and I’ve only every really done solid parts before. I’ll fuse all the components together in CAD, then re-upload the model. I just wanted to model how the module would rect under normal loading, so I don’t think I’d need any rotational movement, or would I?

Henry O’C


@henry_ocallagha, Ok so based on my understanding you just want to apply an upward reaction force (this object rests on the ground?) In this case I think it would be simpler to remove the wheel part all together and apply the force directly to the bolt component. Does that make sense?

Also with the application of the loading right now:

Side 1:

Side 2: