'SuspensionFEA-Handout' simulation project by SAM27


I created a new simulation project called 'SuspensionFEA-Handout':

This project is the starting point for the homework for Session 1 of the Baja SAE workshop. It enables the user to analyse the plastic deformation in an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Suspension .

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Hi @SAM27,

I’m a simulations engineer from Germany and am assisting SimScale. I also participated in the SAE workshops during my student life. It’s great to see you use web-based simulations for your project and would like to know more about your work.

Just a few suggestions if that’s ok. Apart from the fully automatic tet-dominant mesh, you may try using the Mesh Refinements tool and improve the contact conditions between surfaces connecting the spring and the other elements. The mesh refinement would improve the accuracy of your simulation results, especially in the regions of high-stress concentrations. In which case, the overall mesh size can be assigned to 2-coarse and for the contact regions or corners as 4-fine (as shown in the following image). This would also reduce your computational time.

For a start, you may also import the material properties directly from the SimScale material library (in case you are yet to do that). Do let me know if this is helpful and I’d be happy to help you further.



I am a Final year student and recently appeared in the final semester exams,
Now I am applying for various job posts here, and I am really interested in
getting more knowledge regarding the analysis of the components.
performing analysis on various wings for CFD of a FSAE car.

Thank you,


Surely sir, I’ll try that out