'Suspension Structural Analysis' simulation project by stadlerj


I created a new simulation project called 'Suspension Structural Analysis':

This project demonstrates a dynamic simulation of a suspension.

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The CAD model is courtesy of GrabCAD member  Hussam Kamel.

First the CAD model was prepared mainly in terms of removing smaller features and parts. Afterwards it was meshed using the fully automatic tetrahedralization operation. The algorithm sets the edge length and growth rate parameters for the particular solids automatically. Thus a complete mesh of the multibody system was created without a pre-specified connectivity between the various mesh parts.

In order to determine the connectivity between the solid parts of the mesh, contact constraints were defined for the faces in contact. In this example two sliding contacts are needed to complete the dynamic analysis setup. The main subject of the analysis was a time-dependent deflection of the wheel connector in y-direction. Furthermore a load was added to simulate the reaction of the shock absorber.

The results show the relative movement between the components and at the same time allow an assessment of the stress performance. Without any physical prototype the design engineer is able to alter and improve the design early in the development process. The figure above shows the von Mises stress response of the analysis. The figures below show the displacement of the model. Here the filter warp by vector was applied to illustrate the movement of the parts.


Very nice!


sir is this a double wish bone suspension?....i did a structural nonlinear analysis of double wishbone suspension bt the result shown has less deflection..i dont know if it is right ...


Hi @achakraborty,

this is a double wishbone suspension. Did your structural analysis had the same loads on the same areas?

Would be very nice if you could elaborate this a little bit.