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Surface Splitting Error

I am encountering errors when attempting to use the surface splitting operation on my stl geometry. When I break up the stl into distinct parts in catia and then split the surfaces in simscale, it works fine, but when i try to run surface splitting on the single, grouped stl geometry, it fails. As i understand it, simscale cant run simulation on multiple geometries together, so I need to get the grouped stl to split. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

its also not showing the geometry in this instance for some reason

here is the distinct stl geometrys that got split up just fine.

Project with distinct stls:

here is the tessellated geometry in catia

this is the project where the surfaces wont split.

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Hi @jonesb38!

What you can do is to split each component individually what you have done and then merge all parts with a script which can be found here: Merge Script for STL.

The instructions on how to use that script can be found here. An easier option would be to simply split everything inside your CAD software and then upload it to the platform - the way you did it on our platform does not work as we have no merging tool integrated (yet :wink: ). Splitting with the split tool is sometimes not the best thing to do and as mentioned I would do it inside CATIA.



Hey Jousefm,
the link to the merge script send me to a blank page, is there another way i can access the script?

Thank you

Hi @jonesb38,

should work now and the instruction is listed as in my previous post where you can also find the link again.

Let me know if you have any further questions.



Having the same issue with the instructuions link, opens to a blank page

Hey @jonesb38.

For me it works. Nevertheless you can find the script with the instructions on the page I posted. Everything is explained there.