Support version 3.2+ file


I tried to import a mesh output by Salome 7.8 and received a Error “bad format”. After much head scratching and using HDFView 2.13.0 I figured out the problem was Salome was writing version 3.2.0 where as SimScale looks to be accepting only 3.0.7.

Please upgrade SimScale to support newer versions.

Process of “fix” a Salome .med file:

  1. Reimport the salome file
  2. Delete the “Group_Of_All_Xxxx” objects in “Groups of Nodes”, “Groups of Edges”, “Groups of Faces” and “Groups of Volumes”
  3. Export the mesh as .MED
  4. Run HDFViewer load the mesh output in step 3
  5. Right click on INFOS_GENERALES and select Show Properties
  6. Select Attributes tab in “Properties - /INFOS_GENERALES” dialog box
  7. Change MIN from 2 to 0 and REL from 0 to 7
  8. Save the result

For me the above steps allowed a .MED file to be imported and used in a simulation using SimScale


Hi @wink!

Very detailed feedback. Thank you very much for telling us!

I will reach out to the responsible engineers :+1:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Be glad to test when it’s fixed. Or if it’s not reproduceable let be glad to help figure things out.