'Support Ring Static' simulation project by bpeng


I created a new simulation project called 'Support Ring Static':

Test for deformation under load.

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Hi @bpeng!

Can you tell us what you want to achieve with this simulation? That helps to grasp the concept a bit better and help you out.




Hi Jousef,

The 3D model I uploaded was part of an assembly to hold a gas tank. The “bowl” like part of the tank is supposed to sit on the big hole while the four smaller holes are intended to be connected to four supporting rods and are considered to be static. I set the force of 200N arbitrarily to get a hands on feel of how SimScale works. I have attached a picture of the assembly to better illustrate the situation. Thanks for offering to help!



Sorry I didn’t tag you earlier @jousefm


Hi guys and no worries @bpeng!

Are you both working on the same project? I would love to see more of this and if you have some kind of documentation of the project to share that with me as I would like to implement your case into the Project Spotlight. Just let me know if you have anything you would like to share :slight_smile:

All the best guys!



Hi Jousef,

Yes, the project is the same one.


Here’s a link to the simulation I have done on SolidWorks


Looks good @bpeng! What I would like to include an introduction about your project and some results & conclusion section to let SimScale users know on what you have worked on :slight_smile: So if you have time and want to give me some more input, that would be awesome! :+1: