'Super-heated Water Flow Through a Heat-exchanger' simulation project by kcontractor


I created a new simulation project called 'Super-heated Water Flow Through a Heat-exchanger':

This project demonstrates the flow of liquid water flowing through a heat-exchanger. The purpose of this simulation is to analyse the flow distribution across different pipes and subsequently determine the pressure drop across across the heat-exchanger setup.

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This project is aimed at simulating the flow of liquid water super-heated to a temperature of 198o C (471 K) in a heat-exchanger. The primary purpose is to determine the pressure drop across the heat-exchanger and determine the mass flow distribution in the heat-exchanger pipes.

The following setup is used for this simulation.

A qualitative representation of the velocity distribution in the entire pipe-set is shown here:

Taking a closer look a the velocity distribution, it can be determined that the mass flow is not evenly distributed across all the pipe sets. This provides a basis for further quantitative analysis.

The two dimensional velocity and pressure distributions are indicative of the pressure drop across the entire heat-exchanger.

A cross-sectional view of the small pipes in the heat-exchanger.